Natural Hair and Dating…


What it is like to have natural hair and date. Sometimes guys just act weird about our natural hair or perhaps we are just more sensitive about our hair when we are dating. This is just my opinion we all have our own experiences and for a lot of people natural hair is not a factor in dating while for others it is.

Figuring out what works for you hair can be struggle but add dating into the mix and you could have unexpected challenges.

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Bentonite Clay Co-Wash For Natural Hair


Bentonite Clay is a great nourishing clay that has many benefits for both your hair and skin. Think of this clay as a hair detox that gets rid of all the impurities in your hair and on your skin. When I use a Bentonite Clay my hair feels really soft and moisturized.


So what is Bentonite Clay exactly?  This clay is formed in the earth via volcanic ash and when water is added to it, it reacts like a magnet in our body by pulling all of our toxins out. This is why you may see so many people using this particular clay as a face mask because of its ability to pull all of the toxins out of your skin which cause acne. But did you know that it can have the same affect on your tresses?

hair mask

When I just want to clarify my hair really quick this is one clay that comes to my mind to reach for. Flourishing Tresses Bentonite Clay has Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Coconut Oil and Vitamin E just to list a few ingredients.I don’t usually have time to sit for an entire day and just do a complete hair treatment for my hair. This is a really quick solution for a person that still wants healthy hair but they don’t have the time or energy to put in a real effort.

The best thing to do is add this mixture to your hair when it is semi-damp and get every inch of your head saturated. After the mask is applied I always put a shower cap on my hair and then sit under my hair dryer to make my head hot enough to heat up the mask and really open my pores. If you do not have a dryer to sit under than I recommend putting a shower cap on still but instead do some chores around the house for about 30 minutes to really get the heat to rise to your head. After you have waited about 30 minutes rinse all of the clay out and add conditioner if you want, but it’s not needed as this co-wash has enough oils and butters to make your hair moisturized.

African Black Soap Review


Okay, so many people love to use African Black Soap as a part of their healthy hair journey routine. I love to use it whenever I feel like I want to use a soap that will help get rid of build up on my hair and scalp. This soap is very rich with vitamins A and E and is made with Shea Butter, Plantains, Coconut Oil , Coco Pod Powder and Kernel Oil. This soap leaves my hair feeling really nice and keeps my curls intact.

I usually only wash my hair about three times a month since my hair loves being co-washed every day or every other day. Co-wash for people that do not know, is when you are simply using a conditioner to wash your hair instead of shampoo. This way your hair still feels clean but your leaving all of the good oils on your tresses. Anyways African Black Soap is one of the few soaps the I would say any hair type can use with out it drying your hair out or making your hair if it is thin feel weighed down with oils.

A lot of people use African Black Soap as a major part of their hair routine and I can see why. This soap truly helps your hair to feel moisturized. I felt like it leaves my tresses clean but shiny and my curls just pop right after. Although you really don’t need to add conditioner after this soap you can just add your normal oils or butters to your hair, my hair loves a good drink of conditioner so I give to her.

I also noticed that some people love to use this soap to help with acne. I’m sure there are plenty of people that suffer from acne thankfully I’m not one of them but I have seen a lot of before and after pictures of what this soap does to get rid of acne scaring and let me just say this soap is a little miracle worker. Well let me know what you think I have included a link to my video above on how I use this soap on wash day.



The things that get said about black hair…wow

The things that get said about black

So I came across this picture and thought wow are you serious?? Although this is intended for a joke many people including people of color believe that the only way to get long hair is to slap a weave in their head or put a wig on it. This picture is insulting to all of us that have healthy hair whether it be down our backs or a TWA (Teeny Weeny Afro).

Have you ever had a person insult you because your hair is not the texture or length they find appealing? Have you ever had a person want to touch your hair to see if it is real, because they don’t believe that black hair grows?

Oh sideline this picture also annoyed me because it is grammatically incorrect. Instead of saying the word “simple” it should actually say “simply” but we wont just hold that ignorance against the person that made this picture, there’s so many other things to find ignorant about the picture. Share your thoughts and experiences please!

Hair they really work? Biotin and MSM

Often times when trying to grow your hair most people resort to taking vitamins with the hopes that it will be some sort of magic pill that will make their hair grow longer and faster than it had before. But are these pills really working the way we want or do they have other properties that we can use them for? This is just a small review on Biotin and MSM

Do you suffer from traction alopecia?

When women and sometimes men wear braids in their hair they do it for not only a fashion statement, but these easy to maintain styles are also considered protective hair styles. Protective hair styles are when your hair is not being manipulated on a daily basis and the ends of your hair are tucked away. Having braids can have a multitude of benefits for the overall growth and health of your hair, but did you know that some braids could be doing more harm than good? Traction alopecia is an unfortunate problem that many people face when they either wear their hair too tight from certain hair styles or have braids that are causing too much stress and tension on their natural hair.

Traction alopecia on a little girl that clearly should be having braids in her hair that are so tight!

Traction alopecia on a little girl that clearly shouldn’t have braids in her hair that are so tight!

Traction alopecia is something that is found more in the African American community than any other community. The reason for this is because in the African American community women tend to wear hair styles that pull and tug on their hair to the point that the hair follicle falls out. Bad hair habits and products can lead to this problem as well. First traction alopecia is when your hair ceases to grow in a particular area anymore. The reason for this is because you have mistakenly pulled your hair so tight with either a bun/ponytail or braids to the point that your hair becomes weak, from all of the tugging and eventually gives up the fight to stay on your head and just falls out of your scalp.

Traction alopecia typically happens at either the front of the hair line, your crown, or the nape. These areas of the hair are the softest spots on our head and the main areas that women struggle with trying to grow their hair in. By making your braids extra tight so that you will not have to go back too often to the salon to get them redone you are unfortunately damaging your hair. Many times people feel that because they have braids in their hair that they do not have to worry about moisturizing or even washing and conditioning their hair. This couldn’t be further from the truth. If you keep up with taking care of the braids just like you do your own hair not only does it help fight against traction alopecia it help to maintain the health of you actual hair.

Micro braids are not the best choice if you want to avoid traction alopecia.

Micro braids are not the best choice if you want to avoid traction alopecia.

Try and put thicker braids in your hair to prevent traction alopecia.

Try and put thicker braids in your hair to prevent traction alopecia.

When thinking to go and get your hair done or even doing it at home there are few things that you should consider doing to prevent traction alopecia.

~Try and get thicker braids. Mini braids/micro braids create the most tension on your hair because they tug and pull on your natural tresses. Most women get these braids and put even their baby hair (finest hair) in the braid and these pieces of hair are already weak and they will eventually fall out.

~Opt for bigger braids if you want to do braids at all. Bigger braids allow for more strands to be braided and therefore a lot of stress is not put on a single strand which will just break off with the weight of the synthetic braid.

~Always keep up with your health hair regimen. Wash, condition, deep condition and seal your hair even if it is in braids because although you’re not seeing your actual hair it is still there and needs some TLC.

~ Do not pull your hair too tight just to lay down your hair smoother. Opt for an all natural hair gel, such as our formation hair gel that moisturizes your hair at the same time.

~ Do not keep your braids in your hair for longer than a month. Your hair needs to breath and it needs to be detangled and moisturized regularly outside of the braids.

~ Although the song “I whip my hair back and forth” is cute this is an action you shouldn’t be doing while wearing braids. With every swing and flip of the hair it produces tension on the tresses and weakens the hair follicle and this is when you might see a braid or two falling out of your head.

~If you in fact do suffer from traction alopecia than there are a few things that you can do to grow back your hair. Stop wearing braids so tight, and massage your scalp with oil regularly. Unique Fighter Serum is made with essential oils that are made specifically for growing in the edges of your hair including spots affected by traction alopecia.

Unique Fighter Serum will restore your hair and scalp!

Unique Fighter Serum will restore your hair and scalp!

****I know we have all seen a female or two that have had a braid or two falling out of their hair and they weren’t even touching or playing in their hair. Pass this information along to them so they can stop loosing hair because of their braids.****

If you have any other questions or concerns please email us at or leave a comment down below. To purchase the products that are mentioned in this article please visit As always Have A Happy Health Hair Journey!!

Did Rapunzel give us an unrealistic goal of hair growth?

rapunzelDisney has been known for creating characters that little girls look up to and want to emulate. With the character Rapunzel the dream of wanting to become her is no exception, except there is a small difference. Instead of admiring her happily ever after story, we want her long flowing seemingly healthy looking tresses. But just like any other character that we as little girls have looked up to and unfortunately even when we become adults find ourselves still wanting to be a part of these fairy tale stories, we may find that our dream for long flowing hair might be unrealistic for all of us, or is it?

When we hear the Disney characters name Rapunzel there is only one thing that comes to our mind and that’s long blond hair that goes on for days and days. Sometimes young girls want to have this hair not just the length but also the color and this just like any other fairy tale sets us up for disaster and unrealistic dreams. Hair is just hair for a lot of people but if we were all truly honest about it we want to have long flowing tresses that are healthy and admired by others. Many girls grow up and when they become adults they still want this long flowing hair but when they look in the mirror they find themselves look at hair that is not that texture, not that length, and definitely not that color.

Instead of looking at this unrealistic female character as a person, we need to be looking at her as just a source of entertainment and nothing more. But for many of us that does not stop our admiration for fairy tale length hair. For women that have curly, wavy, textured and non blonde hair we may think that there is no way that our hair can grow to unforeseen lengths. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. With the proper diet, water intake and healthy regimen, did you know that your hair could grow to these fairy tale lengths and beyond?


black rapunzelother rapunzeltwo rapunzels

With a healthy hair regimen and the perfect products your hair can grow long and healthy. Gone are the days when only a certain type of girl can grow long hair. Women with textured and coarse hair can grow their tresses to whatever length they so desire. Take a look at what a health hair regimen should consist of so that you can grow your hair and see its full potential. CLICK HERE.  For women that do not fit the image of Rapunzel it is time to perhaps create a new “Rapunzel” the one that has your texture your color and the realistic length that you want. Don’t let anyone including Disney tell you that only blondes that have a certain hair texture and are of a certain ethnicity can grow long hair. There are plenty of women from a multitude of backgrounds that can grow their hair long and strong. Find out how to start growing your hair today. Click Here!

If you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to leave a question or comment below. Also for all of your hair care needs visit our company We want to see your tresses flourish!

Learn How To Care For Your Tresses

love my hair

The first step to getting the hair that you want is learning how to take care of it first. Everybody has a busy life for the most part and doing our hair and making sure that it is healthy sometimes falls on the bottom of the list of priorities. Weeks and months pass and your tresses are being neglected and pretty soon you’re wondering why your hair is breaking off and looking lifeless. Well we at Flourishing Tresses will help you to have a regimen that helps you to achieve the tresses that you have always wanted.


Having healthy hair not only makes you feel good but it is also a reflection on your internal health and your outward appearance. The first step of getting your hair back to health is to assess the state in which your hair is currently in and ask yourself a few questions.  Is your hair at the length that you wish? Do your tresses have the body and shine that you desire? Are you currently happy with the texture of your hair? Is your scalp healthy and free of dryness, flakes, and irritation? If you have answered no to any of these questions, perhaps it is time to go on a healthy hair journey so that you can answer yes to not one but all of these questions.


So you’re probably wondering just what exactly is a healthy hair journey and why do you need to be on one?  It’s just hair right? Well it is just hair, but let’s be honest ladies our hair whether we want to admit it or not can make or break or entire day. A healthy hair journey is when you have decided to put the health of your hair and scalp on your priority list and make an effort on changing bad hair care habits around. It is very important that you listen to what your hair is telling you it needs whether that be moisture, a trim or deep conditioning treatments to get it back to the health that you want. In the beginning of your healthy hair journey you want to make sure that you come up with a hair regimen that is appropriate for you and make sure that you are using the correct products.


As a natural hair care line we pride ourselves on making sure that your scalp is clean and your tresses are moisturized with ingredients that are going to do more good than harm for you. Having healthy products to put in your head is important because you could have the best regimen in the world but if you are using products that are drying out your hair and irritating your scalp, you’re never going get to your goal of the hair you have always wanted. If your hair has been feeling too oily or too dry and your scalp has some irritation then perhaps it is time to take a gander over to your hair care products shelf at home and read the labels. Any product that has alcohol is obviously going to dry out your hair and irritate your scalp so it is important to eliminate these items as they only make your hair feel and look nice temporarily. In the African American community hair greases have a history as being the number one item that is used to slick down our edges and give us “moisture”. Any item that has petroleum jelly “grease” in it is not good for your hair as it only coats your tresses and clogs your pores which makes it hard for your hair to grow through all of this build up on your scalp. Most women feel as though they have to add grease to their hair because after they shampoo their hair feels dry and stripped of all possible signs of moisture. Well the reason for this is because of the sulfates in your shampoos. Sulfates are what makes your shampoo lather and increases the suds as you wash your tresses. But you should stay away from this ingredient because all their doing is stripping your hair and leaving it susceptible to breakage.


Now that you have taken a look at your products it is important to rid yourself of the products that are bad for you and start using natural products that will increase the body shine and overall health of your hair and scalp. Since you have assessed your hairs current condition and gotten rid of harmful products it is time to start thinking about what schedule you want to set for your hair. Yes, it is true that in order to get healthy hair you must come up with a hair schedule, this way you are consistent. No matter what your hair texture, length or condition of your scalp there are a few things that must always be on your hair regimen.


The first step is setting up a time that you plan on refreshing your scalp by cleaning it and giving your hair follicles a nice clean area to flourish and thrive.  We at Flourishing Tresses suggest that you wash your hair once a week. For some of you, you’re already shaking your head and saying no way am I doing that my hair will be dry and break off. But let’s not forget that once you get rid of the shampoos that are bad for your hair and start using our sulfate free and alcohol free shampoo your hair will still retain the moisture that it needs to thrive. A clean scalp is important and makes it less prone to having breakouts and even hair loss. It is very vital to start each week with clean tresses so that your scalp has a chance to breath from all the products that you are putting on it during the week.


The next step is that each week we at Flourishing Tresses recommend that you lavish your hair with a hot oil treatment and or a deep conditioning treatment. Doing these treatments is the best spa therapy for your hair because it stops and or eliminates shedding and increases moisture and shine while decreasing breakage. For the hot oil treatment we recommend using our Unique Fighter Serum and heating it up slightly not so that it burns your skin and then applying it all over your hair and scalp. Once you have applied the oils put a shower cap on your head for a minimum of 30 minutes. For an even deeper treatment keep the oil on longer and if you wish sit under a dryer for about 30 minutes. We do not recommend excessive amounts of heat on the hair so you also have the option of putting this treatment on your hair and either working out or doing house work to build up the heat to your scalp naturally.


The next step to your regimen is different than all the other steps because this is something that must be done every day.  Moisturizing and sealing your hair is important. What moisturizing and sealing is, is when you are taking the proper steps to ensure that the tips of your hair are having a smaller chance of breaking off which leads to not gaining your desired length. Please keep in mind that the tips of your hair are the oldest and so they need the most TLC in order for you to retain hair length. You want to make sure that you are using a moisturizing product such as Flourishing Tresses Metamorphosis Shea Butter Cream to  lock in the moisture and then sealing in that moisture with oil. For the oil we recommend Flourishing Tresses Unique Fighter. What you’re going to do is take the shaft of the hair and place a small amount of cream on your tips and then seal in this moisture with an oil so that the moisturizer can keep replenishing your hair and stop it from getting dry throughout the day.


Now for the ladies that are seeking to rid their scalp of irritations and dryness this next step in your regimen should be done either everyday or every other day. This is oiling your scalp to ensure your scalp either gets back to health or stays healthy. Now I know some of you ladies maybe asking, why would I want to oil my scalp wont that break my scalp out and make my hair severely oily? Well the answer is no, because you are not going to put so much oil on your scalp that it creates a buildup. What you are going to do is take the Unique Fighter Oil and then apply a small amount to your finger tips. Then in a circular motion rub the oil all over your scalp for at least five minutes a day or every other day. Not only does this increase circulation in the scalp which promotes hair growth but it also will help start growing your edges and crown back if they are missing hair. This will also rid the scalp of small dermatological problems such as flaky scalps, irritation, and itchiness.


The last part of the regimen is making sure that you are only using combs that have wide set teeth to go through your tresses. We recommend detangling the hair in the shower with Flourishing Tresses Transcender Conditioner. It is also vital to keep your hair in a protective hair style. A protective hair style is when the ends of your hair are not touching your neck and are tucked in so that they will not start to break off. It is okay to wear the hair down every once in a while but if your goal is to retain length then we suggest keeping your hair tucked in a bun or braid or some other protective style. When the hair rubs up against your clothes especially sweaters and harder materials that older hair at the bottom of the hair shaft will start to snap off because it is weaker. If you’re at shoulder length hair and want to get past this length we definetly recommend a protective style until you get past your shoulder because at this length this is when just the tips of the hair are rubbing on your clothes the most.


At Flourishing Tresses we want to make sure that you are having a healthy hair journey and all though these are just suggestions we would like to think that this will be helpful in having success on your path to wonderful and luxurious tresses. Once again it is important to listen to what your hair needs. You may need to moisture and seal twice a day or only twice a week. It is okay to create your own hair regimen that works for you, this is just a starting point for you. Make sure that you are evaluating your own hair and seeing what adjustments you may need to add to your regimen as your hair starts to grow and transform. Please feel free to email us at or go to our website at .