Hair Growth: Dreams vs. Realities

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An essential part of your healthy hair journey is having realistic expectations of how fast or slow your hair can grow. No matter what your current hair length is everybody has a dream goal for their tresses to grow depending on where your hair length is you may desire one or all of the following for your  goal:  neck length, shoulder length, arm pit length, bra strap lap, mid-back length or longer. Remember two myths about black hair are that black hair fails to grow and if it does it will not grow past neck length.  Neither of these myths are true because black hair just like any other hair grows which means that you can set realistic hair growth goal for yourself to reach.

Realistic expectations of hair growth will motivate you to keep making healthy decisions for your tresses throughout your healthy hair journey. How many times have you looked at your hair and felt discouraged because you think “it’s not growing”. Let’s realize our emotions are attached to our hair and when you think your hair isn’t growing you may feel discouraged, frustrated, defeated or even break down and cry an “ugly cry”…everyone has had these moments or even days.  The dream is that many of us want to grow out our hair length to as long as we possibly can. To help you focus on your hair dreams  realistically and fight against  the feelings of defeat,  this article we will discuss the cycle of hair growth, the reality of the average rate in which hair grows, uncover what may be keeping your hair from growing and gives some tips on how to promote hair growth.

So how does hair grow and how long can it grow in a year?  There are ways to achieve longer hair growth along your healthy hair journey and part of the growth process is being able to understand what phases your hair is going through so you are armed with the knowledge on how to care for your tresses during all phases.  There are three phases to hair growth:

Phase 1- The hair growth phase is known as the (anagen phase);

Phase2- The resting phase known as the (catagen phase);

Phase 3-the shedding phase (telogen phase).

Phase 1-About 85% of the hair on your head is in the hair growth phase at any given time and this is the phase when the cells produce new hair which leads to the roots of the hair (papilla) absorbing moisture and nutrients to stimulate the hair follicle to make your tresses flourish. The longer the hair stays in the hair growth phase the longer it will grow. The hair growth phase can be extended or shorten depending upon your hair care regimen and healthy lifestyle choices. Hair grows on average about ½ inch per month which is about 6 inches per year. You’re probably thinking 6 inches per year for hair growth is just another myth but it’s a fact that hair can grow this much in a year especially with the use of natural products in the Flourishing Tresses natural hair care line. Black hair can sometimes grow slower depending upon the texture of our hair and the natural wavy curly pattern of our hair. Our natural curly hair pattern can make it seem like hair is growing even slower because the hair is curly and not stretched or straightened out.  Keep track of your hair growth on video or in writing so you can track your progress.

Phase 2 the resting phase can last up to two weeks. During this phase shrinkage occurs because the hair root is at rest from taking in nutrients. Although hair is not growing during this phase the hair follicle pushes the shaft of the hair upward and this is when new growth becomes visible around your edges.

Phase 3 the shedding phase is the end of the hair cycle and begins once the resting phase is over. In this phase , the old hair is being replaced and pushed out by new hair so you will see shedding. Don’t confuse shedding hair with broken damaged hair. Shedding hair is hair that has reached the end of its growing cycle and falls out naturally from your scalp along with a tiny white root ball at the end. Shedding is a natural part of the cycle in the hair phases and should not be a cause for any alarm. Shedding can last between several days or over a few weeks but will be different for everyone. You can shed an average of 50-100 hairs per day but don’t panic because remember the hair growth phase starts right after this phase so your hair has a natural cycle to produce new hair.  Shedding may increase according to the following leading factors: pregnancy, birth control pill, menstrual cycle, menopause, poor eating habits, styling methods or chemical processes that weaken or damage the hair follicle, anemia, thyroid disorders and certain medications.

So how can you make your hair growth dreams come true and work towards the goal of growing at least 6 inches of hair a year? Be realistic about your hair growth dream now that you fully understand the phases of the hair cycle and how much growth to expect per month. Realize no hair care line can do miracles to grow your hair by you just putting it on your head. Your hair grows all of the time and you can increase your hair growth potential by using Flourishing Tresses natural hair care line because our products contain ingredients and essential oils that promote growth. Next, moisture is the key inside and out so use our Transcender Conditioner to moisturize your hair along with our Unique Fighter Hair Serum and drink 8-10 glasses of water daily (no sweet drinks). Good hair health also goes along with eating healthy meals that are rich with nutrients and maintaining regular health checks. Finally, use protected hair styles daily to protect your tresses so can achieve your desired hair growth length. As you continue on your healthy hair journey you will be the best judge of what your hair needs to promote growth and we are available to support you.

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4 thoughts on “Hair Growth: Dreams vs. Realities

  1. hair growth products says:

    Again, that is due to hormonal and genetic factors.
    calcium and magnesium to ignite the required nourishments of one’s scalp to never loose hair. Directly massaging this oil on the scalp allows you enhance and improve scalp circulation thereby making available nutrients to the strands of hair for production of hair.

  2. Gale Holdness says:

    I’ve also found some of the blogs I read (or used to frequent)have a certain group of the “usual” commenters. After finding one very “agreeable” commenter on one blog, I then found the same commenter on another blog taking a polarized stance from the opinion they had agreed to on the other blog!

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