Massaging Your Scalp For Hair Health

Unique Fighter Serum

Unique Fighter Serum

When you think of growing your hair most people consume their efforts with trying to figure out what to do with the hair they currently have. But did you know that the best way to improve your overall health of your tresses is to start at the root? Your scalp is where each hair follicle is generated so why not make sure that you are taking care of that part of your hair first?

Having a healthy scalp for your hair to grow out of is just as important as when you’re growing a garden to make sure that your soil is perfect and ready to nurture your flowers. When it comes to your tresses it is no different than a garden, you must make sure that your scalp is ready to nurture and help flourish your tresses. Some individuals fail to pay attention to their scalps health and then they wonder why their hair is either not growing or their hair seems to be weak and break easily. Taking a look at your scalp frequently to ensure that it is free of break outs and dry patches is important because if you don’t see there is a problem with your scalp, how are you ever going to fix it?

There are a few things that you can do to improve the overall health of your scalp, of course for people that are experiencing dermatological issues they should seek the help of a professional rather than trying to concur major dermatitis problems by themselves. For individuals that may have minor problems such as dandruff, itchy scalp (non rash), and oily scalps, and problems increasing the growth of their hair should consider doing a few miniscule things to improve their hair and scalp health.

Massaging your head is essential to increasing the circulation in your scalp.  By increasing the circulation in your scalp you are amplifying the amount of red blood cells that form in your head. I am sure you’re wondering why the increase of these cells are important, well they are because an increase in cells means that there is growth and rejuvenation occurring. When rejuvenation occurs your scalp produces more hair follicles. Making sure that your scalp is being massaged on a daily basis is imperative when you are trying to increase the amount of hair you receive each month. Although massaging your head helps the hair growth phase did you know that massaging with carrier and essential oils can actually help to improve the circulation in your scalp and even get rid of some minor dermatitis issues you may be having.

Peppermint oil is an oil that helps improve the circulation in the scalp and it also acts as a natural cleanser for your head. Using tea tree oil will treat dry itchy scalps and it clears it of miniscule dermatitis issues, while chamomile oil helps with inflamed and itchy scalps. If you are suffering from dandruff or if you have a child that has lice than using lemon oil will help to reduce the dandruff but also reduce the risk of getting lice as the lice will not want to live an area that has this oil on it. If you’re looking for something that will help to promote your hair growth than it is recommended that you use almond and castor oil to help prevent hair loss and increase your circulation. By rubbing a mixture of these carrier and essential oils into your scalp on a daily basis it will not only help to improve minor scalp irritations but in just a matter of months you will start to see your tresses flourishing. With Flourishing Tresses Unique Fighter Serum you will find these carrier and essential oils along with of plethora of other oils will help to improve the overall health of your scalp. This oil has grown in hair for people that have either thinning hair or areas of the scalp that are failing to thrive. You will see the difference in your scalp if you simply massage your head a minimum of three times a weak with Unique Fighter Serum. To purchase this oil please visit our website at The best way to massage your scalp properly to get the best result is to start in the front of your head and put oil on all ten fingers and rub each section of the head in a circular motion. If you want to be precise count to about fifty on each section working your way to the back of the head ensuring that you are reaching every part of your scalp with the Unique Fighter Serum.

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Does my shampoo clean my hair or strip my hair? Is there a difference?

2nd lather shampoo


When you think of shampoo you think of that nice lather that foams up on your hair and scalp and removes all of the day and weeks dirt from your scalp. What if your shampoo is doing more than it is supposed to be doing? You may be enjoying the sensation of the foam and suds running down your tresses but are you really doing more harm than good when it comes to cleaning your head and scalp?


Often times when we think of any type of cleanser we refer to a product that will produce some sort of foam or suds because we have been taught that when a product reacts this way it is cleaning. But did you know that you can clean your hair and scalp just as efficient without the harmful detergents that cause the foaming in your favorite shampoo? I am sure that you are thinking why does it matter if my shampoo foams or not? Well most of the time the detergents and sulfates that are in our favorite shampoos are causing our tresses and scalp to become overly dry and limp.


When you look at the label of many popular shampoos you will see sulfates & detergents that are listed as the active ingredient. These ingredients are harsh and do not know how to gently clean your hair but it only knows how to strip your tresses. Think of it this way, when you see the commercial for dawn soap and they are cleaning the ducks off with the soap it is able to clean the oil off the feathers because the power of the detergent. Your favorite non sulfate free shampoo is the same way, it is powerful enough to not only clean the oils and dirt out of your hair but it strips all of your natural oils that your head produces naturally and needs to keep your tresses flourishing.




Your scalp produces what’s called sebum; it is the naturally derived oil that flows down your tresses to moisturize the hair follicles and keeps them from getting brittle. Most people are able to produce the proper amounts of sebum to help their hair grow and stay healthy, but if you have any type of curl pattern in your hair than unfortunately this sebum that your scalp produces naturally is not able to flow down your tresses to naturally moisturize your follicle to the tip. So if the sebum cannot travel down to the bottom of the hair than that means it is not moisturizing you’re tresses naturally. The reason for this is because your natural oils only know how to travel straight down the tresses without “road blocks” a road block would be having spiral, kinky or even curly tresses. If your hair is naturally straight you have no problem with your natural oils traveling down your tresses because it doesn’t have to try and maneuver through waves it has a straight path. If your hair is not naturally straight you will have to add other oils and moisturizers that you’re naturally producing oils (sebum) cannot reach. So when you are now adding non sulfate free shampoos to your daily or even weekly hair maintenance, you are stripping even the external oils that you need and you are essentially working against your naturally producing sebum. So what does this lead to? Well breakage and overly dry tresses and dry flaky irritated scalps.


Refresher Shampoo

Flourishing Tresses Refresher Shampoo

The only way to solve the deficit you have with having curly or wavy hair is to keep as much moisture in your tresses as possible, while gently cleaning out the oils and dirt that you don’t need. The best way to do this is to buy sulfate free shampoos. Flourishing Tresses has their sulfate free Refresher Shampoo that is made with acacia concinna. This ancient Indian herb gently cleanses the hair but leaves your natural oils alone and it also stimulates hair growth. This fruit for the hair is able to clean your hair and not strip it from the moisture that it needs to thrive, especially for men & women that have curly or even coarse hair. It is important to understand that a shampoo that lathers is not just cleaning but stripping the hair. Having foam and suds does not, in any way equate to the only way your hair can get clean. Most of us are just used to the lather and are not aware that our tresses can be cleaned in a much more natural way that is not only good for our tresses but also helps to increase the circulation in our scalps which entices hair growth. Flourishing Tresses Refresher Shampoo doesn’t lather, rather it gently cleans the scalp and tresses without stripping it which leaves your hair still feeling full of life and moisture. Remember if your stripping the hair of oils your hurting your and making it prone to breakage and split ends.


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Are you putting the correct amount of protein & moisture on your tresses?


When learning to tame our tresses one of the first things that people will say is that you need to moisturize your hair to prevent breakage and dry scalp, which is true. But, how much moisture is too much moisture when it comes to making sure our tresses are flourishing? Sometimes it is hard to find a balance between dry hair & greasy hair. It is important to listen to your hairs needs and learn that too much of a good thing could actually be hindering your successful hair journey results that your are seeking.

The average person that is not paying attention to their hairs health tends to under moisturize their hair. On the other hand for some individuals that are just learning how to take care of their hair better, they  become heavy handed and over moisturize their tresses with the belief that having a ton of conditioning agents and pomades in their hair will prevent breakage and make it grow long and strong. Will there has to be a balance between under moisturizing & over moisturizing. The best way to find this balance is to learn about your current hair health.

Did you know that your hair is made up of protein? Your hair is actually made up of about 90% protein and this is important to know if you plan on restoring or even maintaining the health of your tresses. Since your tresses are made up of protein it is important to balance the amount of moisture you put in your hair with the amount of protein you put in it. The reason behind this is that when you are doing chemical processes on your hair such as relaxers, color treatments, over-brushing and washing with products that have sulfates & detergents in it, you are actually stripping your tresses of not just moisture but the protein it needs to stay healthy. When you have too much moisture in your hair not only does your hair feel greasy but it can make your hair susceptible to breakage, but also becoming weak, gummy, & stretchy. Now I know for many of you, you are thinking that doesn’t make sense how can too much moisture break my hair off? Well too much moisture is not allowing your hair to have an even balance of protein which it needs to stay strong up against products and the elements. On the flip side too much protein can cause the hair to become hard and sometimes even harder to get a comb or brush through it.

When your hair is stripped of moisture it is common knowledge that your hair feels dry and brittle and is prone to breakage. But what happens when you hair loses its correct amount of protein? Well your hair can actually stop growing in certain places and cause bald spots. Now of course the entire reason why you want to learn about the health of your hair is to make sure that it is growing. There is no reason why something as simple as protein balance should stop you from reaching your hair growth goals. There is a simple test that you can conduct on your hair that is very simple to make sure your hair is balance & doesn’t have too much protein or too much moisture.

There are two ways in which you can test the protein and moisture balance in your hair. The first thing you need to do is to just feel your hair to see if it feels rough or brittle. If your hair feels brittle and dry it may need protein in it or even moisture. The first test is to take a piece of hair that has fallen out of your head such as a piece of hair in your brush or even a hair follicle that you have shed. Hair sheds all the time on a daily basis so there is no reason to go ripping your hair out of your own scalp to perform these tests.  What you are going to need to do is pull on that hair until it snaps and breaks. If the hair snaps instantly then your hair is brittle and needs moisture. When stretching the hair and it keeps stretchy without breaking or returning to its original length then you need protein in your hair and you have too much moisture. If your hair stretches and returns to its original form then you are doing a great job at maintaining healthy hair because your tresses are properly balanced.


The second test is to once again take a piece of hair that has already fallen out of your head and get a glass of water. Put the strand of hair in the glass of water for a minimum of 2-3 minutes. If your hair is floating then this means that your hair has low porosity and may have a hard time absorbing moisture. But on the other hand if you see that little strand at the bottom of the glass because it has sunk then this means you have what’s called high porosity. Porosity looks at how damaged your hair is and if your hair is able to even accept moisture properly. If your hair sinks your have high porosity and the strand is damaged and once your hair gets to this point it is hard to restore the health of these strands. If your hair floats in the middle of the glass of water then this means your hair is healthy and your hair regimen is working perfectly for you.

If you have high porosity your hair is weaker and it may even feel gummy when its wet and it may take a long time for it to dry. The hair at this point tends to hold onto any moisture that it can to fill the gaps that are in the hair follicle from damage and protein loss. Protein actually fills the hair follicle preventing it from having gaps in it and allowing it to properly take in just the proper amounts of moisture and preventing brittle hair.  Once your hair is damaged there is unfortunately not much you can do to restore it since hair is not a living organism. You can always do light protein treatments by using Flourishing Tresses Transcender Conditioner. You can do a hot oil treatment with our Unique Fighter Serum to try and restore some protein in the hair. Although this is a temporary fix it will make your hair feel better but it is best to slowly start trimming the hair to get rid it of the damaged hair eventually.

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