Free $15.00 Natural Hair Care Products from Flourishing Tresses LLC.

Please make sure that you are following all of the rules in order to qualify as a winner. Please make sure to follow us on Facebook, like us on Twitter & Subscribe to us on YouTube this is the only way you will see who actually won this contest.

Flourishing Tresses LLC is offering our customers to be a part of the launching of our website. We are striving to make sure that we are interacting with our local and national hair communities so we have created a contest, to not only get to know the people that want to get their precious tresses flourishing but also from the people that are seeking a new hair care product to add to their healthy hair regimen. This contest is fairly simple and should be fun to do and fun for us as the company to partake in with you. There are a few rules that you must comply with in order to win and there is no purchase necessary. But first let’s talk about what the prize is because we know that you will love winning it!

So the rules to winning the prize are pretty simple, but keep in mind that all rules must be followed otherwise you will not qualify to win and you will have to wait until our next contest to be a part of the drawing. 1) The first thing is that you must create a video telling us why you have chosen to use natural hair care products instead of products that are manufactured with chemicals and fillers. 2) Tell us if you are on a hair journey and if you are on a healthy hair journey tell us why you have chosen to be on one. 3) Let us know why you think that you will benefit from actually winning this prize. For example you haven’t found the correct products for your hair type yet or you want to try out our brand to see if it is better than your current favorite hair products company. 4) Let us know what your hair texture is. For example are you relaxed, natural, transitioning to natural, or you currently are not decided on whether to stay natural or even stay relaxed. 5) Tell us what it is that you are looking for in a natural hair care products company. For example do you want a company that only caters to a specific hair type or do you just want to be able to finally settle on a product that works for your lifestyle.

After you have created a Youtube video please link it to this video by either doing a video response or tagging it to us on Facebook. Also you will need to like us on Facebook and Twitter and Subscribe to us right here on Youtube. This way we can keep track of who is doing the contest and it will also help you to know when we have chosen a winner. We will cross check to make sure you have subscribed to us on Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube. If you have not connected to us by at least one these social networks, you will not qualify for the prize at all and unfortunately we will have no way to know if you have won.

Flourishing Tresses will do a drawing on Youtube by collecting the names of all the people that have completed the steps to become eligible for the contest. These names will be put into a container and on Youtube a name will be drawn out and read on the video. Once the video has been aired we will notify the person by their Facebook, Twitter or a message to their Youtube email to let them know that they have won. The winner will have 4 days to respond to our message to provide us with their correct contact information so that they can receive the gift card. The gift card is still subject to the terms and regulations as mentioned on the companies’ website under “terms of use”. If the winner does not respond to the message that they have won within 4 days they will no longer qualify for the prize any longer and a new winner will be drawn on another video. This winner will be subject to the same exact rules and timeline to reply back to the company with their appropriate contact information.

Each video will get their name put in the container one time. If you have made a purchase with the company and made a video then you qualify for your name to be put into the drawing twice. For every completed order you will get your name put into the drawing. This does not include you getting your name put into the drawing for each item you purchase but rather how many order tickets that you have that have been paid for already. The gift card cannot be exchanged for cash value and is a digital gift card that can only be used at Please keep in mind that this is only open for residents of the USA as we do not offer shipping overseas at this time. This contest closes on May 30, 2013 at 10:00pm EST. Flourishing Tresses YouTube account is at:


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