Does my shampoo clean my hair or strip my hair? Is there a difference?

2nd lather shampoo


When you think of shampoo you think of that nice lather that foams up on your hair and scalp and removes all of the day and weeks dirt from your scalp. What if your shampoo is doing more than it is supposed to be doing? You may be enjoying the sensation of the foam and suds running down your tresses but are you really doing more harm than good when it comes to cleaning your head and scalp?


Often times when we think of any type of cleanser we refer to a product that will produce some sort of foam or suds because we have been taught that when a product reacts this way it is cleaning. But did you know that you can clean your hair and scalp just as efficient without the harmful detergents that cause the foaming in your favorite shampoo? I am sure that you are thinking why does it matter if my shampoo foams or not? Well most of the time the detergents and sulfates that are in our favorite shampoos are causing our tresses and scalp to become overly dry and limp.


When you look at the label of many popular shampoos you will see sulfates & detergents that are listed as the active ingredient. These ingredients are harsh and do not know how to gently clean your hair but it only knows how to strip your tresses. Think of it this way, when you see the commercial for dawn soap and they are cleaning the ducks off with the soap it is able to clean the oil off the feathers because the power of the detergent. Your favorite non sulfate free shampoo is the same way, it is powerful enough to not only clean the oils and dirt out of your hair but it strips all of your natural oils that your head produces naturally and needs to keep your tresses flourishing.




Your scalp produces what’s called sebum; it is the naturally derived oil that flows down your tresses to moisturize the hair follicles and keeps them from getting brittle. Most people are able to produce the proper amounts of sebum to help their hair grow and stay healthy, but if you have any type of curl pattern in your hair than unfortunately this sebum that your scalp produces naturally is not able to flow down your tresses to naturally moisturize your follicle to the tip. So if the sebum cannot travel down to the bottom of the hair than that means it is not moisturizing you’re tresses naturally. The reason for this is because your natural oils only know how to travel straight down the tresses without “road blocks” a road block would be having spiral, kinky or even curly tresses. If your hair is naturally straight you have no problem with your natural oils traveling down your tresses because it doesn’t have to try and maneuver through waves it has a straight path. If your hair is not naturally straight you will have to add other oils and moisturizers that you’re naturally producing oils (sebum) cannot reach. So when you are now adding non sulfate free shampoos to your daily or even weekly hair maintenance, you are stripping even the external oils that you need and you are essentially working against your naturally producing sebum. So what does this lead to? Well breakage and overly dry tresses and dry flaky irritated scalps.


Refresher Shampoo

Flourishing Tresses Refresher Shampoo

The only way to solve the deficit you have with having curly or wavy hair is to keep as much moisture in your tresses as possible, while gently cleaning out the oils and dirt that you don’t need. The best way to do this is to buy sulfate free shampoos. Flourishing Tresses has their sulfate free Refresher Shampoo that is made with acacia concinna. This ancient Indian herb gently cleanses the hair but leaves your natural oils alone and it also stimulates hair growth. This fruit for the hair is able to clean your hair and not strip it from the moisture that it needs to thrive, especially for men & women that have curly or even coarse hair. It is important to understand that a shampoo that lathers is not just cleaning but stripping the hair. Having foam and suds does not, in any way equate to the only way your hair can get clean. Most of us are just used to the lather and are not aware that our tresses can be cleaned in a much more natural way that is not only good for our tresses but also helps to increase the circulation in our scalps which entices hair growth. Flourishing Tresses Refresher Shampoo doesn’t lather, rather it gently cleans the scalp and tresses without stripping it which leaves your hair still feeling full of life and moisture. Remember if your stripping the hair of oils your hurting your and making it prone to breakage and split ends.


If you have any other questions or concerns please leave a comment below or email our company at Visit our website at  to get all of your hair care needs! Have A Happy Healthy Hair Journey!


“We love to see your tresses flourish!”-Flourishing Tresses LLC.



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