The “Big Chop” isn’t for everyone

This is just my opinion on the big chop and that some people do it and regret it, while others do it and wish they had done it sooner. Have you done the big chop if so why and when? Are you thinking about doing the big chop?


4 thoughts on “The “Big Chop” isn’t for everyone

  1. A says:

    I did somewhat of a big chop a few days ago. I used to get my relaxed ends cut little by little but then it started to get annoying so I just said “cut the rest of the relaxed hair off.” After that my hair transformed into its natural curly state and for a day I was okay…but then the next I screamed at myself in the mirror and started crying over how short it looked. I’m still trying to cope with it. However, my friend did a really nice style on it that I’ve been wearing out with nice accessories so I’ve been ok with it.

  2. Livin it up! says:

    I transitioned for 7 months and than did the big chop. I went from APL to a TWA and I hated it. I didn’t know what to do with it and I didn’t like the way I looked with short hair. After 19 months of being natural I permed it. I went from an afro to Shoulder Length hair. Now I have BSL and have decided to give going natural a second try. This time I am doing a long term transition. So far I am 6 months post relaxer. Wish me luck.

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