Natural Hair and Dating…


What it is like to have natural hair and date. Sometimes guys just act weird about our natural hair or perhaps we are just more sensitive about our hair when we are dating. This is just my opinion we all have our own experiences and for a lot of people natural hair is not a factor in dating while for others it is.

Figuring out what works for you hair can be struggle but add dating into the mix and you could have unexpected challenges.

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Bentonite Clay Co-Wash For Natural Hair


Bentonite Clay is a great nourishing clay that has many benefits for both your hair and skin. Think of this clay as a hair detox that gets rid of all the impurities in your hair and on your skin. When I use a Bentonite Clay my hair feels really soft and moisturized.


So what is Bentonite Clay exactly?  This clay is formed in the earth via volcanic ash and when water is added to it, it reacts like a magnet in our body by pulling all of our toxins out. This is why you may see so many people using this particular clay as a face mask because of its ability to pull all of the toxins out of your skin which cause acne. But did you know that it can have the same affect on your tresses?

hair mask

When I just want to clarify my hair really quick this is one clay that comes to my mind to reach for. Flourishing Tresses Bentonite Clay has Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Coconut Oil and Vitamin E just to list a few ingredients.I don’t usually have time to sit for an entire day and just do a complete hair treatment for my hair. This is a really quick solution for a person that still wants healthy hair but they don’t have the time or energy to put in a real effort.

The best thing to do is add this mixture to your hair when it is semi-damp and get every inch of your head saturated. After the mask is applied I always put a shower cap on my hair and then sit under my hair dryer to make my head hot enough to heat up the mask and really open my pores. If you do not have a dryer to sit under than I recommend putting a shower cap on still but instead do some chores around the house for about 30 minutes to really get the heat to rise to your head. After you have waited about 30 minutes rinse all of the clay out and add conditioner if you want, but it’s not needed as this co-wash has enough oils and butters to make your hair moisturized.

The things that get said about black hair…wow

The things that get said about black

So I came across this picture and thought wow are you serious?? Although this is intended for a joke many people including people of color believe that the only way to get long hair is to slap a weave in their head or put a wig on it. This picture is insulting to all of us that have healthy hair whether it be down our backs or a TWA (Teeny Weeny Afro).

Have you ever had a person insult you because your hair is not the texture or length they find appealing? Have you ever had a person want to touch your hair to see if it is real, because they don’t believe that black hair grows?

Oh sideline this picture also annoyed me because it is grammatically incorrect. Instead of saying the word “simple” it should actually say “simply” but we wont just hold that ignorance against the person that made this picture, there’s so many other things to find ignorant about the picture. Share your thoughts and experiences please!

Hair they really work? Biotin and MSM

Often times when trying to grow your hair most people resort to taking vitamins with the hopes that it will be some sort of magic pill that will make their hair grow longer and faster than it had before. But are these pills really working the way we want or do they have other properties that we can use them for? This is just a small review on Biotin and MSM

Essential and Carrier Oils For Your Hair

The owner of Flourishing Tresses first began this natural hair care line after she started reading the labels on her hair care products and realized that the ingredients were doing more harm than good to her tresses. It was her mission as a natural hair care company owner  to only use natural products and allow her customers to understand what they are putting in their hair. Education of what should be in your hair will actually help you in your healthy hair journey and allow your tresses to get the nutrients it needs. Below is a list of all the ingredients that we put into our hair care product line and what the benefits are of each ingredient.  This is a list of what is in Flourishing Tresses natural hair care line and some of the benefits of each product listed.


Tee Tree Oil— Tee tree has anti-fungal and anti-viral properties that alleviate the scalp from dryness, itch and dandruff. This essential oil keeps your scalp healthy while also moisturizing it.

Peppermint Oil—This oil is not only refreshing and leaves your scalp having a good tingling sensation but it also stimulates the blood in the scalp thus promoting hair growth.

Cetyl Alcohol—This is not an actual alcohol that is a chemical and it most certainly does not dry out your hair like real alcohol. This ingredient is derived from coconut oil and other natural oils. Cetyl alcohol is a lubricant that is used in our shampoo and conditioner to make the hair soft and smooth and bind the oils together.

Shikakai—This ancient Indian herb means “hair fruit” and that is exactly what it is, fruit for the hair. This plant is a natural cleanser that is used to cleanse the scalp but it still leaves your natural oils, unlike sulfate shampoos that strip your hair. Shikakai is a mild cleanser that has a naturally low pH, and is a natural detangler that helps promote growth, and aids in preventing hair loss.

Burdock—-This plant increases the shine and moisture of the hair and gives limp hair the body that is needs without making hair that already has volume too full.

Vegetable Glycerin— This ingredient is a hygroscopic which means that it is able to absorb water from its surroundings. This is important because it puts the moisture back into the hair making the hair soft and smooth.

Olive Oil—This is oil is fantastic for moisturizing your tresses and helps fight against split ends especially in cold winter months when the hair is much more prone to breakage do to the lack of moisture in the air. Putting this oil on the scalp also helps with dandruff and dry spots on the scalp when it is rubbed directly onto the head.

Avocado Oil— This is oil is derived from the avocado fruit, and is perfect for a conditioner because it has vitamin A, E, D and potassium in it. This is one of the best oils that you hair can have in it because it nourishes the hair giving it extra moisture that textured dry hair needs to thrive.

Horsetail—- This mineral rich herb is great for conditioners because it contains silica which is an important protein for the hair that helps it repair damaged follicles. Horsetail gives the hair the luster and shine that it needs to grow long and strong.

Marshmallow  RootThis herb softens the hair while providing it with slip which makes it perfect to moisturize the hair.

Slippery Elm Bark—-Slippery Elm Bark is great for hair growth because it strengthens the follicles and helps rid the hair of split ends and hair loss.

Lavender —- Not only does this plant smell amazing but it is great for your tresses.  This plant promotes hair growth and controls hair loss and treats track alopecia.

Shea Butter—This is a rich source of moisture  because it has rejuvenating minerals and vitamins. This butter helps to keep your tresses feeling soft and shiny.

Coconut Oil—This is the ultimate oil for textured hair because it benefits your tresses more than any other oil. This oil penetrates the hair instead of just laying on top of the hair which allows this protein filled oil to reconstruct poor damaged follicles.

Castor Oil—-Castor oil comes from the seed of the castor plant. Rubbing this oil improves the circulation in the scalp therefore allowing the hair to grow in areas where hair might be missing due to chemicals or undue stress from tugging and pulling and causing track alopecia.

Grape See oil—This oil is made from the extracts of grape seeds and is a light weight oil the gives the hair moisture and shine without weighing the hair down.

Almond Oil—This oil comes from the pressing of almonds and is best used on the scalp to promote growth especially on areas that are missing hair due to chemicals or track alopecia.

Wheat Germ OilWheat germ oil increases circulation in the scalp and stimulates hair growth.

Lemongrass Oil—This oil helps people with dry scalp and oily hair while soothing the scalp.

Vitamin E—This nutrient helps to prevent hair loss by nourishing the scalp and it prevents gray hair from forming.

Organic Aloe Vera Juice—Aloe Vera fights frizzy hair and it helps to seal the cuticles of the hair.


Pectin—This increases the thickness of the product and allows for all the oils to combine together naturally. Pectin comes from the inner portion of a citrus fruit.

Lavender Oil—- Not only does this plant smell amazing but it is great for your tresses.  This plant promotes hair growth and controls hair loss and treats track alopecia.

Orange Oil—This essential oil comes from an orange and offers a wonderful natural fragrance and is also great for regulating the production of sebum in the scalp.